Callisto Yacht

The name Callistό means most beautiful.

Callistό or as Greek Καλλιστώ can refer to:

Callistό (mythology), nymph

In Greek mythology, Callistό was a nymph of Artemis, the Hellenic goddess of forests and hills, childbirth / virginity / fertility and the hunt. Transformed into a bear and set among the stars, she was the bear mother of the Arcadians through her son Arcas. Zeus placed them both in the sky as the constellations Ursa Major, called Arktos, the “Bear” by Greeks and Ursa Minor.

Callistό (moon), moon of Jupiter 

Callistό is a moon of the planet Jupiter, discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei. It is the third-largest moon in the Solar System and the second largest in the Jovian system, after Ganymede. Callistό has about 99% the diameter of the planet Mercury but only about a third of its mass. It is the fourth Galilean moon of Jupiter by distance, with an orbital radius of about 1.880.000 kilometres.

Callistό (sailing yacht),
this 80 foot Swan

Callistό is an 80 foot Swan maxi yacht built by Nautor of Finland. It combines the performance of a world-class racing yacht with a degree of comfort and luxury normally found only in much larger boats. Callistό is at home in the Aegean Archipelago.



Callistό is a Swan 80´ maxi yacht, built by Nautor, the world’s premier yacht manufacturer.


Characterised by design style, sailing perfomance and luxurious comfort, she is an impressive yacht capable of delivering a thrilling sailing experience like no other.

On Callistό, speed, safety and manoeuvrability compete with technology, craftsmanship and versatility. Her sails are controlled with electro-hydraulic winches. Her hatches ensure  the interior lighting. On the upper deck, the forward cockpit converts to a dining area for eight, complete with Hi/Fi audio.

Callistό can accommodate six guests in one Master Cabin and two Guest Cabins.

Sailing apart, there is plenty to do on board Callistό. Enjoy the shade of a Bimini when riding at anchor. Sunbathe while cruising under power at up to 10 knots. Read a thriller, sip appetizing aperitifs, indulge in deliciously fresh cuisine from our award-winning chef, dance to Greek music! Swim in truly crystal-clear waters in secluded alcoves – they still exist! Lunch on fish you catch yourselves! Go for a wind surf spin. Feel the adrenaline. Take an afternoon siesta. Let go with a glass of ouzo on the rocks, enjoy a beach barbecue or share a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne! Finish your day catching shooting stars with your eyes…